Business Tech Monthly

$40/mo per computer

Business Tech Yearly

$400/yr per computer

Enjoy 2 months free!

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Pricing Chart Estimate

Compare the amounts of computers that you have with our chart for an estimated monthly and yearly cost of Tech Support! We'll also list the amount of free tech support credits you receive per month.

Free Service Credits
5 Computers



5 credits/month

10 Computers



10 credits/month

15 Computers



15 credits/month

20 Computers



20 credits/month

30 Computers



30 credits/month

40 Computers



40 credits/month

50 Computers



50 credits/month

75 Computers



75 credits/month

100 Computers



100 credits/month

150 Computers



150 credits/month

Business EDR Antivirus
Update Management
Discounted Single Services
Web Protection
Document Backup
Free Service Credits

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