Catalog: Tech Support

Welcome to the Remote Chase Tech Support Catalog page. This page is designed to show you just how simple our process is.

It’s incredibly simple to install our Remote Chase software.

At Remote Chase we understand that technology can be difficult. That’s why we try to make our process as simple as possible. Here is a GIF showing just how simple our process is. If this still overwhelms you, don’t worry, we can walk you through every click with ease.

Here at Remote Chase, we start every day the exact same way. The very first thing we do is drink a cup coffee, and the second thing we do is check every single one of our customers computers. This is one of many things that sets us aside from other tech support companies. Most people call their tech support when something is wrong with their computers, but here at Remote Chase we call you.

Allowing one of our technicians to remote into your computer is super easy!

Once our software is installed on your computer, help is only ever one click away. We will try our best to make sure your technology works the way you want it to. Want to see our tech support prices? Visit our Tech Support page.