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Pendleton/Anderson Local Tech Deal!

Remote Chase will protect, monitor, and maintain your computers for an affordable price!

local tech deal

For $8/mo per computer, you'll receive:

Our Managed Antivirus Program

Worry no more about viruses or other malware on your computer! We check your systems for malicious files daily and will remove your virus found, free of charge*

*In the rare case of a catastrophic virus, Remote Chase does not offer free data recovery. If remote access has been blocked, your computer will need to be brought to the store for virus removal.

Remote Computer Monitoring

Feel at ease by knowing a professional tech specialist is monitoring and maintaining your computer daily. We push computer updates to your computer multiple times per week and will notify you of any issues as needed.

Your Personal Tech Specialist

We assign you a tech specialist that will build a rapport with you and learn your individual needs. Whenever you need help, we'll do everything in our power to have that same tech specialist assist you every time.

24/7 Question Hotline

Have a computer-related question? Feel free to text us at any time of the day, free of charge, and we'll get back to you in a timely manner!

Remote Support Capabilities

Do you need help logging into an online account or installing a program onto your computer? Remote Chase can remote into your PC and help you with any basic issue you're having. Remote Support help starts at $10 per call.

Extra Benefits

Tech support customers receive extra benefits, such as free local shipping from our online store, 25% off PC Tune-Ups (speeds up slow computers), and all of our plans are on a no-contract basis!

Extra Add-Ons

Web Protection: $4/mo

Daily Document Backup: $4/mo

Business EDR Antivirus: $6/mo

Setup your Computer's Tech Plan