Website Design and Maintenance Process

On this page you can read about our website design and website maintenance processes.

Website Design Process

Our website design process comes in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: We design the desktop version of your website.
  • Step 2: We design the mobile and tablet version of your website.
  • Step 3 After we you have confirmed the design we move on to the functionality. This is the step where we make everything work.

Website Maintenance

Remote Chase takes a unique approach to website maintenance.

  • Are customers are charged a flat fee every month.
  • We have different monthly packages. One of them is to sure to fit your needs.
  • No matter which monthly package you choose we have the same process rules for them, which you can see below.

Content Creation

Remote Chase doesn’t gather or create content for customers. If you would like an image or text on your website, you must provide it. The only text that we will put on your website is text that we can copy and paste. Please do not send us pictures of text that isn’t typed out, as we will reject it. If you would like to hire Remote Chase to generate or gather content for you, we charge $100 per page at a maximum of 300 words per page. You can save a lot of money by gathering and creating your own content.

Content Questions

Customers will often come to us and start asking about what we think they should put on their website. By doing this, they have already made a wrong turn. We can’t tell you what to put on your website. That would be like us creating your company for you, and our website design fees are not high enough in price to cover such a task. If you would like to ask us questions about what you should put on your website, you can pay our consulting fee of $50 per page. Our consulting is done over the telephone only, and the consultation will be no longer than 1 hour per page.


Remote Chase staff does not do meetings. We will not join your webcam or conference calls, nor are we involved in the strategy of your company. We are website designers and tech support; that’s it. If you would like to hire us to sit in on a company meeting, you can pay our meeting fee of $100, which will cover a maximum meeting time of 1 hour.


Hello, my name is Chase Utley. I am the owner of “Remote Chase”. I want to make it perfectly clear that good manners are a MUST for both employees and customers of Remote Chase. I have worked several tech jobs and have noticed that people in the IT business seem to receive a lot more verbal abuse than most other jobs. I think this must be because people feel as if there are no repercussion to talking disrespectfully to tech support agents. I’m not sure why so many people feel this way, but here

at Remote Chase, bad manners will not fly. If I catch one of my employees or customers being disrespectful, I will remove them from my company or stop doing business with them. I will do what I must to create a safe, respectful environment for my customers and employees. If you have bad manners, your money is no good here.