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Create & set reminders that you won’t forget of.

Remember every little thing 

“Wonderful, trusty app. Can’t get better than this!” Mark Hamlin


Set Phone Reminders

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Calendar Notifications

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Home Integration

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Collaborate & Share

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Memorize anything, effortlessly.

Human-centered design streamline your workflow: the efficient ui/ux design process in photoshop from.

Deep segmentation

Behavior-based automations

Personalized content

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Repeats dayly / weekly

100% encrypted from the client to the cloud. There's no way for us or anyone to know what you're writing.

Non-intrusive notifications

Join thousands of users who believe this is the one app that should be default with every Mac install.

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Free Custom Domain

Full Security

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Notification On Phone


$49 /mo.

Free Custom Domain

Full Security

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E-commerce Integration

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$99 /mo.

Free Custom Domain

Full Security

24/7 Support

E-commerce Integration

Mobile Version

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