What's Included In Your Basic Tech Support Plan

  • Daily monitoring of computers
  • Managed Antivirus program
  • Automatic PC updates
  • 20% off single services
  • 20% off store bought items

Our tech plans are offered to monitor and manage the health of your PC systems. Personal Tech plans do not include free single services to your computer. Remoting into your computer or driving on-site will include a service fee.

Monitoring of your computer will include notification of issues seen on your computer (via text or call).

We'll notify you for issues, such as:

  • We find a virus or malware
  • Multiple failed login attempts on your computer
  • Hard drive about out of space
  • Upgrade recommendations (if computer is running slow)

Note: With global conflicts escalating and the threat of cyber warfare intensifying, protecting your computers and its assets are now more

important than ever. With our Business Tech plans, we offer an upgraded antivirus EDR program that stops threats in real time. Unlike traditional

antivirus programs, which are reactionary, EDR is proactive: always monitoring your systems for any subtle changes that aren't typical of your system. If it finds any discrepancies, the threat will be stopped in its tracks immediately.