Single Services

PC Tune-Up

Remote Chase brings slow computers back to life with our PC Tune-Up process. Using various different cleaning methods, we will have your computer running more efficiently in no time.

RAM Upgrade

Speed up your computer's multitasking capabilities with a RAM upgrade. Not all computers can be upgraded. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

Hard Drive Upgrade

Expand your computer's storage capability, or upgrade to a modern SSD hard drive, which can make your computer's booting process and app startups faster.

Computer Consultations

Looking to buy a new computer, but not sure which one to buy? Let Remote Chase help you find the right computer. We can help you find a computer perfectly suited for tasks such as gaming, graphic design, 3d rendering, multiple monitors, or several programs running simultaneously. There are a lot of bad computer deals out there. Let us help you find the good one.

Computer Dustings

As computers operate over time, more and more dust can get into your computer's electronics and fans, which can cause electrical shorts and overheating. Let Remote Chase get your computer cleaned out with our computer dusting services.

On-Site Services

Are you in need of on-site tech support? We'll fix a wide variety of problems, such as printer issues, computer errors, and more. On-site services will include a drive fee on top of the service.